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Service Description

It is a technique developed in France by Philippe Emmanuel Souchard, based on the work of Françoise Mézières and several years of studies and research in Biomechanics and Physics. It consists of a technique of postural adjustments to reorganize the body segments, through the stretching of the retracted muscle tissue, in order to allow the reorganization of the myofibrils, gain of mobility and, thus, the rebalancing of the muscles that maintain the posture. In addition, it also produces the release of fasciae, connective tissue, by applying the principle "fluency (physiological state of the shape or constant contraction of the muscles of the posture that maintains the alignment of the body). The treatment consists of reorganizing the deep musculature, aligning the joint structures of the body (head, spine, hips and limbs), gaining muscle strength for some individuals and gaining tissue amplitude. The treatment of R.P.G. it is done through combined postures with coordinated breathing to align the structures and increase the body's flexibility and better mobility of the body's joints. R.P.G. it is indicated for individuals with spinal injuries (hernias, disc protrusions), temporomandibular joint disorders, balance changes, as well as postural deviations (scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis) followed by pain or not, and also indicated for injuries or syndromes different parts of the body such as: bursitis, tendonitis, lower back pain, cervical pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. Currently, from the study of Biomechanics, it is known that RPG is a conservative treatment that can be used in conjunction with other techniques, aiming to avoid surgical procedures that are currently increasingly precocious. The treatment time depends on the change and the individual characteristics of each person. It is a technique that must be applied individually due to the level of care it requires from the professional and the patient. Is feeling pain better than not treating? Pain is always an alert, when we have a dysfunction it is always correlated to other structures, causing a global imbalance. For this reason avoiding injuries is treating the body as a whole and the RPG is perfect for preventing and treating any changes. RPG has been the most used method in several Europe’s countries because it is a more complete form of treatment. Obviously each patient is unique but in most cases the RPG has been the most effective technique for treating injuries and postural problems

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To cancel or reschedule, please contact us within 24 hours of your appointment.

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